Rima Community Leaders

Western doctors attend a pregnant woman

First meeting with Nomads in 2004

Learning to measure blood pressure

At Rinpoche’s request, in 2004 two of his Western students travelled to Tibet to try to find ways to reduce maternal mortality in his monastery area.  Local nomads and village leaders requested that a clinic be built and doctors trained to help meet the health needs in the community.  

Midwife gives childbirth training


In 2005 researchers and Western doctors brought clean birthing kits and other medical supplies and helped train Tibetan health care workers.

After receiving a grant from the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation and generous donations from Rinpoche’s students, in 2006 construction of a new clinic building got underway with a land blessing from Achu Rinpoche.


Achu Rinpoche blesses the clinic site

Ayang Monastery monks make tormas

The clinic was finished in 2007 and with grants from The Rotary Foundation, Direct Relief International and personal donations, medical equipment and an ambulance were purchased.

Newly finished clinic in 2007

Clinic's ambulance

By the summer of 2008 the village doctors were treating 15-60 patients every day.

Doctors in the pharmacy

Newborn at clinic in birthing kit blanket

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